Yearly Archives - 2014

Mobile Marketing – Top Tip 4

Optimise the website behind the email.
At the heart of most e-marketing campaigns is a desire to drive some kind of user action: buy, register, request more information and the like.
When your campaign succeeds and the recipient clicks through from the email on their mobile device, what do they find on your website?
How easy is it for your customers to [...]

Video Marketing

With the proliferation of media sources getting ever more varied, the ability for us to assimilate information into our daily lives gets harder and harder.
We don’t have time to read documents or websites that are text heavy – we use bookmarking services, but do we ever return to look at those pages? Social Media is all pervasive and often [...]

A Rant about SEO

I’m sure you’ve seen the emails. SEO specialists trying to convince you to engage them to get you better rankings on search engines.
Hopefully you have been cautious about these sorts of people in the past and treated them with the suspicion that any such unsolicited mail deserves.
Well I thought it might be worth explaining a little bit as to [...]