Video Marketing

Video Marketing

With the proliferation of media sources getting ever more varied, the ability for us to assimilate information into our daily lives gets harder and harder.

We don’t have time to read documents or websites that are text heavy – we use bookmarking services, but do we ever return to look at those pages? Social Media is all pervasive and often hard to keep on top of.

So we look for executive summaries. The easy way out. And in many cases that’s video.

Good online video creative can summarise complex propositions simply and quickly, in a way that would take far longer in any other format. With video we can explain at the click of a button why you should be interested a particular product or service, without relying on a user to ‘read further’, which we know they often don’t.

With production costs lower than ever, it is far simpler to produce good quality video or animation, with graphics and audio, bringing video into the grasp of SME’s previously costed out of this type of activity.

Some stats to consider:

More than 80% of Senior Executives say that they are watching more online video today than they were a year ago.

75% of Senior Executives said they watch work related videos on business related website at least weekly.

65% of Senior Executives have visited a vendor’s website after watching a video online.

Source Forbes 2012

So the next time you go to write a white paper or lengthy PPT, ask yourself this – is anyone really going to take the time to read this? If not video may be the answer!

Of course we have been providing video production and editing for our clients for many years now and have seen a notable uplift recently. This is in part down to use on websites, as Google puts more value on rich media for SEO rankings and audiences become attuned to video content.  As with any communication it is the content as well as the execution that is key and the beauty of video media is the creativity you can bring to it, from consumer vox pops and case study talking heads to up to the minute infographics and slick animation, video can lend itself to a plethora of uses!

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