Mobile Marketing – Top Tip 4

Mobile Marketing – Top Tip 4

Optimise the website behind the email.

At the heart of most e-marketing campaigns is a desire to drive some kind of user action: buy, register, request more information and the like.

When your campaign succeeds and the recipient clicks through from the email on their mobile device, what do they find on your website?

How easy is it for your customers to take those critical next steps when viewing your website on the small screen.

As a marketer, you know you worked hard to get that first click. Now there’s no reason to lose the conversion on the second click by requiring the recipient to revisit your email at a later time from their computer because your website is not mobile optimised. As data shows the rapid increase in mobile browsing and email, customers expect to read their emails and act — all on mobile devices.

Sometimes it is as simple as creating a mobile landing page or a mobile optimised form to ensure that the call to action you direct users to from your email, is easy to achieve when clicked through. And that’s the vital metric after all isn’t it – we measure success by the number of click throughs, but rarely ever actually examine how simple the process beyond the click is.

Taking the right steps to make your website mobile friendly will ensure success in achieving conversions.

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