Where did all the SEO’s go?

Where did all the SEO’s go?

Where did they all go? It used to be that barely a day went by without receiving an email from an SEO agency promising to get you to the top of Google’s rankings.

Well, most of them will have now re-branded as content marketers, and you are probably getting emails from these people now.

This highlights, amongst other things, a shift in Google’s method of ranking websites which in turn reflects user behaviour online. Or put another way, if you want your website to rank higher on search engines, provide useful, relevant, interesting and shareable content online.

And so website owners the world over are realising that resource and budget needs to be invested in producing blogs, white papers, videos and promotions to keep users interested in their site, and to ensure that their content is continually useful to their target market. The ‘old’ way of working where you could buy backlinks, buy directory listings or (worst of all) pay an SEO to stuff your website with keywords to trick it to the top of the list are gone. And good riddance to them.

So at Canvas we are hard at work producing content plans for our clients along these lines. Provide a structured plan of what the content would be. What tone of voice does it need to carry to fulfil the brand identity. What is the governance plan for the content in order to ensure stakeholders have sight of it. What frequency is it released and to where. And vitally, where does it all get sourced from. Once in place, it ticks over in the background – sit back and watch the results.

If you’re struggling to choose between digital agencies, give us a ring. We’re a rock-solid team of content wranglers ready to whip your content strategy into shape.