Landing Pages

Landing Pages

More than ever, marketers are turning to the benefits of landing pages as a way to deliver real inbound results in their marketing campaigns.

But what exactly are landing pages, and how can a web design agency help you add them into your marketing mix?

Good questions.

Landing pages are usually single webpages hosted on the internet that are designed as landing pages for a specific push campaign, be it an e-marketing campaign, social campaign, or direct mail campaign. These landing pages, very often have data capture forms embedded in them and are designed to ‘convert’ or ‘qualify’ the visitor in the eyes of the business owner, expressing their interest in the product or service.

So far, so straightforward. So what is all the fuss about?

Well, in time-honoured fashion, here are the bullet-points.

1 EFFECTIVE. It’s been proven, across a great many markets that your conversion rate for a campaign is significantly improved if the user is taken through to a dedicated landing page that matches both the design of the campaign, but also the intention of the campaign. So rather than design a unique look and feel for an email and then take users through to a generic contact page on your website, match the look and feel of the email across the landing page.

2 QUICK. Typically the production time for an engaging landing page is far quicker than if you had to produce something within a corporate website.

3 FLEXIBLE. Prototyping stand-alone landing pages allows you design freedom as you are not tethered to the corporate website’s stylesheets and templates. Starting from scratch, or from a set of ready-made themes allows you to exercise creative freedom.

4 SALES ORIENTATED. Rather than focus on open rates, opportunities to see or click through rates, you are focusing your efforts on converting or qualifying recipients to receive follow-up information.

5. LOWER CUSTOMER ACQUISITION COSTS. Each improvement you make to your landing pages lowers your customer acquisition costs.

6. MEASURABLE. Both via Google Analytics, form submissions and form success rate you can easily measure the success of your landing pages.

Hopefully that goes some way to highlighting why landing pages are taking the marketing world by storm.

Get in touch and start to see the benefits stack up for your business.