Interesting report in the news…

Interesting report in the news…

Bing and Latitude have conducted some research which has shown that:

Only one quarter of SMEs invest in SEO
Only one third of SMEs engage in any digital marketing at all

This is a little strange really. Especially when you read on and find that despite 62% of SMEs saying that their customers find them via SEO, 72% still aren’t using it.

So despite the manifest benefits, SMEs are still not engaging with what digital marketing has to offer.

The report goes on to posit a thought as to why this may be, and (great news for Canvas!) it implies that the main reasons are ‘knowledge gaps’ and ‘ lack of resource’.

Well, at the risk of hollering from the rooftops, ‘enter Canvas Digital, stage left!’

This was the rationale behind our inception – we know this stuff so you don’t have to. We recognise that you don’t have the resource for an internal department tasked with digital marketing, and that your skills are better dedicated towards your primary focus. Partnering with a business like Canvas means you have an extension to your team without the commitment and overhead.

It’s a bizarre situation for SMEs to be in isn’t it? Equally recognising the benefits of digital marketing whilst ignoring them at the same time. I wonder if agencies and so-called SEO experts are a little to blame for this though. Some SEO agencies have earned themselves a bad reputation by spamming clients for work, for using underhand tactics to try and boost results, and for generally operating like ‘boiler rooms’ rather than working in partnership with clients for the mutual benefit of both.

Suffice to say, that’s not our style at all. Not even close. But we do see the risk in this trend continuing. Only by accepting that your business is competing in a digital marketplace and that those investing will succeed, will you be able take control of your future and reach new prospects.

And only by bringing on the relevant talent, can this process begin.

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