AMPlify your search results

AMPlify your search results.
Google has been pushing a new concept recently called Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP for short. This is the next initiative from Google to improve the search experience for mobile users on slow connections.
Search statistics now show that the majority of users accessing the internet now do so on a mobile device, very often on a [...]

How fast is your website?

As a Surrey web design agency, we are always looking at how we can improve the user experience and usability of all our clients’ websites.
We all know that the design, functionality, layout and content is key to making a website great but are you overlooking one of the most important factors of usability and user experience, how fast your [...]

Should you be using A/B Testing?

When designing websites it’s all too easy to get bogged down producing seemingly well-written content, and beautiful design that we feel works best… but is it really working?
Should we be doing more to find out what actually works and what the user likes?
There are many different ways of testing if your users are reacting positively to your design, and [...]

Where would we be without mobile?

It’s a daunting thought I know. One almost too unbearable to think about. Is that the 21 year old in me saying that? Or is it the consumer and creator of information in me?
I’d like to argue that it’s not just the adolescent in me, as my Grandad would say. It is quite possibly the truth of the world [...]

Interesting report in the news…

Bing and Latitude have conducted some research which has shown that:
Only one quarter of SMEs invest in SEO
Only one third of SMEs engage in any digital marketing at all
This is a little strange really. Especially when you read on and find that despite 62% of SMEs saying that their customers find them via SEO, 72% still aren't using it.
So [...]

The Importance of Wireframes in Web Design

Designing a website or application is a daunting prospect. So much can go wrong along the way, which is why it is often a surprise that websites are built without any consideration to very fundamental aspects of the design and layout.
Read on, and I will try to convince you why building a set of wireframes is a solid investment.
Why [...]

Digital Services Agency Surrey

Affordable Digital Services Agency to make it Easy for South-East SMEs to Get in the Game

A new kind of digital agency has just launched in the heart of Surrey, aimed at small and medium sized enterprises looking to unlock the business potential of online.
Canvas Digital is a web design, web development and web marketing agency looking to make beautiful, yet highly functional and affordable design accessible to everyone.
The new agency is the brainchild of [...]

Mobile First - Canvas Digital Surrey Web Design

Are you thinking about mobile first?

Historically when designing and developing websites and their usability, both the designer and the client would always look at the website as a desktop experience first and then leave the mobile experience as a secondary goal that is developed afterwards, whether that be through a responsive site or a dedicated mobile site.
Now with more and more users using mobile [...]

A Surrey web design agency look at search engine optimisation

As a surrey web design agency we are always looking at the best ways and techniques to improve our clients’ websites and the rankings they achieve within search engine results - both via the search engine optimisation of their websites on-page and off-page.
In the ever changing world of Google (and other search engines) and how their extremely complex algorithms [...]

Landing Pages

More than ever, marketers are turning to the benefits of landing pages as a way to deliver real inbound results in their marketing campaigns.
But what exactly are landing pages, and how can a web design agency help you add them into your marketing mix?
Good questions.
Landing pages are usually single webpages hosted on the internet that are designed as landing [...]