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  • 7th March, 2015

miExperience is the premium workplace offering for Sodexo. It offers businesses cutting edge technology in and around their food offering, from Near Field Communications, online food ordering, digital displays, web technology to support food brands and much much more.

But how to effectively communicate and sell this offering to busy individuals who are bombarded with sales communications each and every day. How to find communication that truly cuts through all of this.

Canvas pitched with a novel ‘Videopak’ solution – a direct mail piece featuring a small, high-resolution video screen that can be pre-loaded with video content set to play when the Videopak is opened. With all insight pointing to the significantly increased success of audio-visual communications over print, this seemed to be not only the most original, but also the most effective solution.

Then our digital team set to work creating the animation storyboard, script and then the final production. Based on kinetic type and infographics we produced a modern, compelling, easy to update design which conveyed a lot of data in a simple, clear and fun way.

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