Yearly Archives - 2015

Digital Trends for 2015

The first of no doubt many reports on the predicted digital trends for 2015 is out. Econsultancy, in collaboration with Adobe have produced their Quarterly Digital briefing report as a result of interviewing over 6300 people, both client and agency side.
The findings make interesting reading, and we at Canvas Digital thought we’d bring you the top line take outs [...]

Google’s Latest Mobile Friendly Update

Yesterday saw Google roll out the latest change – its mobile friendly update. In a nutshell they’re boosting the ranking of mobile friendly web pages when searched for on mobile devices.
Read the full article on the Google Webmaster Tools Blog here.
Now, when you view search results on your mobile device you may find that results are appended with a [...]

Responsive Web Design

From mobile browsers, tablets, notebooks and many other devices, we are finding that the stats from our analytics showing that increasingly our clients are getting more and more visits to their websites from these sort of devices. So with this knowledge, it is extremely important that we look at the way we design our websites to ensure everyone is [...]

Where did all the SEO’s go?

Where did they all go? It used to be that barely a day went by without receiving an email from an SEO agency promising to get you to the top of Google’s rankings.
Well, most of them will have now re-branded as content marketers, and you are probably getting emails from these people now.
This highlights, amongst other things, a shift [...]